Why Me? Why You?

By CDK President and Co-Founder Drew Vogt

12049175_478666955646317_1736322585375022107_nWhy Me? Why You?  Recently when I was asked if I’d been an elementary school teacher, I said No. My background in business management and the non-denominational ministry had no connection with working with children. So, they asked, “Why are you doing this orphanage work?” Immediately, I responded, that when I became aware of this life-changing work, “How could I not respond? Like many, I was from a place that assumed food and education were available, and here I could see the opposite. SO, why ME? I cared for these orphaned boys less fortunate than many. Why YOU? For every child we assist out of poverty, we change the world in measurable ways. Entire families are helped.  I hope you too will care.