When Shoes Are More Than Shoes

IMG_9733By CDK President and Co-Founder Drew Vogt

A few years ago I learned how important shoes are for impoverished children barred from classes if they weren’t wearing shoes. So, here in Oaxaca, I’ve been extra conscious that when “our boys” need shoes, it is a top priority. Yes they need them, but having proper shoes for classes and sports events are more than “needs”, they are symbols of being cared for, and symbols of access. Through classes and sports they access new opportunities that most of their parents never imagined. Some of our older students are now in college or schools of higher education. Our love and generosity is expressed to them through new shoes. Recently we took four of them out to buy new shoes. You can help make this ongoing support possible with a monthly, or one time, tax deductible gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.