Discover Oaxaca Trip 2017




Led by Drew Vogt, Casa de Kids President
Join his 9th annual trip to Oaxaca, Mexico

Discover a region richly blessed, safely nestled in Mexico’s exotic central valleys. This adventurous week is held each year, the last week of July.

Exact dates to be announced soon!

The this tour includes the following:

  • Attending the native’s ancient Guelaguetza Festival
  • Regional culinary delights known the world over!
  • Visits to some of the country’s best museums of antiquity
  • Must-see pyramid sites 2,000+ years old
  • Intriguing arts & crafts markets
  • Free days to relax and explore
  • A local orphanage visit
  • Group dinner with some of our “CdK Students”

Questions or details? Email Susan Scheuer
Or Drew Vogt

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