In these challenging times it is still important for us to “gather together” even if it’s online in the comfort of our homes.  We have two special days to honor our brave students, and their ancestors who hope and pray for their best.

Please join us virtually on November 1 & 2 to celebrate the lives of our students!  

Why? The staff of Casa de Kids, in Oaxaca, Mexico are working diligently to help all 25 students meet new challenges caused by Covid and remote classes.  Staff are actively involved with the students’ lifestyles. In addition to all school needs, we help provide solutions such as groceries, rent, and medical attention.

We have 2 days to raise $4,000 to help 25 disadvantaged youth to stay in school.

Please help us with a donation, as if you are attending the event in person.


 Join us us to learn of exciting new successes on November 1 & 2.



 Thank you, in Gratitude, Drew, Pamela, Loren, & Jim

Click here to see last year’s event photos

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.